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AHS thoughts…


… I watched episode 1 of American Horror Story : Asylum. I have mixed feelings about this to be honest. I was really into the show from the first episode last year, but nothing really grabs me about it this time around. :/

I’m also not thrilled about the ‘aliens’ storyline.. I like my monsters to be from this planet. 

Yup, disappointment came.

So I’ve just watched yesterday’s episode and guess what? My fear came true. I didn’t like it AT ALL! I thought I would be able to cope with the actors from the first season portraying completely different roles in this season but no, hell, no! In my opinion the characters were so well written in the first season and the actors did such a great job that I’ll have a hard time facing them as other people now. And it’s actually funny people saying that those who are complaining about this season are annoying them, because, guess what, I liked the first season because of the story and the characters so stop bitching up ‘cause the fact that I didn’t like this first episode doesn’t make me less of a fan, I don’t need to accept everything Ryan Murphy shoves down my throat and if the story is not the same nor the characters, I will definitely talks about how I think the second season would have been so much better if it wasn’t a whole new thing. 

I guess I’ve been waiting for it since Dec 21st when Afterbirth was aired but I have this feeling that somehow I’ll be disappointed because the whole idea of a completely different story every season seems nice but I miss Violet, Tate, Nora and everyone else and watching the first season over and over again is not enough anymore, I want more! I want to see what could have happened to Vivian’s baby and the house itself. I am more than excited about tomorrow even though it feels like I am waiting just for another series’ premiere. It’s impossible not to think of how I felt when every episode was aired, watching it in the middle of the night just because I couldn’t wait to see a little bit more from everyone, the name “American Horror Story” brings back all these memories and maybe knowing that tomorrow I am not going to see those characters but instead I’m going to meet new ones and start that process of analyzing who to like or not makes me frustrated in a minor way. I AM excited for tomorrow but I am also grieving my loved ones from the first season. I really hope that this second season fulfills the expectations built around it otherwise it will be a huge disappointment, the writers’ decision to leave behind that amazing story to create something entirely new and in the end they discover it didn’t work out, leaving us with nothing than a great story and the wish for more and something not that great.

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I used to think you were like me. You were attracted to the darkness. But, Tate, you are the darkness.

American Horror Story - 1.11 Birth

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American Horror Story’s Favorite Word: Bullshit

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